It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from St. Moritz to drive to Zernez by car. There is also a train that takes you directly or via Samedan in less than 50 minutes to Zernez.

Zernez is a cute, small, typical Engadin village and is very popular as the gateway to Switzerlands only Nationalpark. In winter, there is a a thick layer of snow, so the access to the Nationalpark is not possible. 

Of course you can go on winter hikes or crosscountry skiing, the paths have pink poles for the hiking paths and turquoise poles for crosscountry skiing paths.

But you can  also just walk around and look at the houses in the village heart, they are adorable! 

Here the Morenturm, the tower of a family called Mor. The tower is from about the middle of the 13th century. The family Mor lived in the tower till  1550. The original tower got built up higher in the 17th of century and renovated in 1961 and 1987. You can even rent an apartment in there for holidays!


And here a detail of a house in Zernez, a cheeky looking chamois. 


This is the castle Wildenberg, home of the famous family Planta over several centuries. The tower for defense and living purposes was built in 1280.  We are actually lucky to admire this impressive castle because there was a big fire in 1872, that destroyed a huge part of the little village. You can have a look at certain rooms of the castle on a guided tour, that takes part every Monday. 

If you get hungry or thirsty from walking around, I suggest you get something to eat in the Restaurant Acla-Filli, they have a wide range of dishes, even pizza for a very good price and you can also buy a big nut tart or only a piece of it for dessert or take away in their bakery. 

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