Amazing Guarda

Guarda is one of my favourite little villages in the Under Engadin. It is very famous for its architecture and because of the book and the movies “Ursli with the bells”. Ursli (Schellenursli) is experiencing adventures with his family in Guarda and its surroundings at the time of Chalandamarz. 

Guarda is located on a terrace above the left bank of the river Inn. It consists of about 70 houses and was first mentioned in a historical document in 1160 as Warda. In 2014 were 155 people living in Guarda. Over the last ten years but already in 1850 and further on, the population was decreasing, mainly because of finding a better job.

People speak mostly Romansh (Vallader), followed by German as you can see on some of the houses.

The houses are very well preserved and maintained. Guarda was awarded in 1975 with the Wakker Price for the preservation of the architectural heritage.

This inscription is from a house built in 1705.

On most of the houses are very artistic paintings and sgraffitos

Beautiful window sill.

Most of the houses have these typical wooden doors.


There is a nice walking path to other villages.