Birdwatching in the Engadin (Upper Engadin)

There are so many birds to observe in the Engadin, depending on the season.

Here some birds I could observe in or near St. Moritz, by the lake or in a meadow or forest.

You can do birdwatching as well, just keep you eyes open and try being quiet in the forest.

The quality of my pictures aren’t the best, I try to replace some pictures with better ones.

What kind of birds do you like to observe in the Engadin?

On or near the lake

Great crested grebe, Haubentaucher, Podiceps cristatus:

Mallard or wild duck, Stockente, Anas platyrhynchos:

Tufted duck, Reiherente, Aythya fuligula:

Eurasian coot, Blässhuhn, Fulica atra:

Near rivers

White-throated dipper, Wasseramsel, Cinclus cinclus:

White wagtail, Bachstelze, Motacilla alba:

In the forest

Eurasian bullfinch, Gimpel, Pyrrhula pyrrhula:

Great spotted woodpecker, Buntspecht, Dendrocopos major:

European crested tit, Haubenmeise, Lophophanes cristatus:

Coal tit, Tannenmeise, Periparus ater:

Spotted nutcracker, Tannenhäher, Nucifraga caryocatactes:

Eurasian nuthatch, Kleiber, Sitta europaea:

In a meadow

Eurasian wryneck, Wendehals, Jynx torquilla:

Fieldfare, Wacholderdrossel, Turdus pilaris:

What to do in St. Moritz when it is snowing (or very rarely, raining)

I have to admit, there is nothing nicer than staying at home or inside when it is snowing, but when you are in holidays you want to profit of every moment and enjoy it.

So get up, wrap yourself warm and get ready to explore!

Here my suggestions for a snowy (rainy) day:

1. Rent a fatbike at Engadin Bikes. You get there everything you need (to rent or to buy) like helmet, gloves, pants or shirt. Brett, the owner of the shop, can recommend you the best routes!

2. Go for a walk around the lake, on the lake (in winter of course) or to lake da Staz and combine it with number 3

3. Have a nice cup of hot chocolate, a tea or coffee with a piece of nut tart (Engadiner Nusstorte) at Restaurant da Staz or Restaurant Hanselmann. The nut tart is a traditional sweet, caramelised walnut filled pastry with a buttery crust. Really yummie 😀

4. Visit a museum: Segantini MuseumBerry Museum and my favorite, special museum Milli Weber Haus (website only in German, but I think the tours are also in English). Giovanni Segantini is an important representative of the Symbolism at the end of the 19th century. His paintings are very impressive. You can walk on the Segantini path (it has 6 picture panels providing interesting facts about the artist) starting at Hotel Soldanella to the Segantini Museum and continue to Suvretta.

Segantini Museum:

The BerryMuseum is next to the Clinic Gut. Peter Robert Berry was a doctor and painter, he was inspired by Segantini, he knew him personally.

Milli Weber was an artist who lived in the house (built by her brother and father) that is now a museum, located at the edge of the wood on the Dimlejstrasse just above the eastern end of lake St. Moritz and is almost obscured by trees. Milli Weber not only made fairy-tale paintings in frames but also decorated nearly the whole house (even the bathtub!) with little flower fairies in all colors, cute bears and self-made dollhouses.

5. Have a swim at the Ovaverva Swimming Pool (indoor and heatet outdoor).

A walk on the lake of St. Moritz

A popular smalltalk subject in St. Moritz in wintertime is the freezing of the lake of St. Moritz. When will it happen? Will it freeze at the right time for the special events on it?

This year I could observe for the first time which parts of the lake freeze the last and which don’t freeze at all!

As soon as the lake seems to be frozen is the next question: When is it safe enough to go for the first walk on the lake? Best thing is to wait the pistmachines on the lake working. 

Every walk on the frozen lake is exciting: The crunchy sound and the very bright colour of the snow, breathing in the clear air, the whole scenery of the lake, the mountains, the forests, the (hopefully) blue and sunny sky and the busy preparation for the coming events like Snowpolo and White Turf.

Just try to listen in a quieter area to the bubbly, “whaley” (reminds me always of Dory from the movie Nemo) sound coming from the lake, a very fascinating experience!

Just some words to the coming events like Snowpolo and White Turf: Go and have a look at it, there aren’t only the Rich and Famous, everybody can from certain parts of the lake observe these events. If you’re lucky and have a ticket for a tribune, don’t forget to dress really very warm, because it get’s really cold especially when there is a nice snowstorm 😀

Safety rules: Stay where other people are, don’t walk too close to edges where you see water and walk on paths that look used by a lot of people. 

Have fun on the lake and enjoy it!